5 ways to bring warmth to your home (and I’m not talking about the weather!)

Having undertaken a large scale renovation on an old timber home in recent months, people often ask me what style of renovation it is and the approach I’ve taken to the style of the fit out. I find this a difficult question to answer as I don’t box my style into one particular or known style as such. My personal style would probably sit somewhere between contemporary, Asian and ‘luxury day spa/ resort’ (that last one I made up). But when I think about the key element of my unique style, it really comes down to warmth and texture. It’s that welcoming, lived in yet luxurious feeling you get when you enter a space for the first time.

So here are the 7 ways I add warmth to my home in all seasons:

1. Mix and match textured homewares pieces throughout the home. Do this by offsetting a sleek couch with a driftwood coffee table, or a cow hide cushion, a marble or stone decorative piece or concrete side table
2. Dark kitchen cabinetry. This one might be a bit controversial but for me, nothing exudes welcoming warmth like dark cabinetry, not only in the kitchen but also bathrooms or living areas. Take it up a notch by pairing it with striking marble, or timber finishes.


Photo credit via archdaily.com

3. Timber flooring. For me you just can’t go past it in any form, but particularly European oak and it’s grainy, textured loveliness! It’s getting more affordable too in Australia as it grows in popularity.


European Oak Engineered Flooring from QLD Timber Flooring

4. Timber in the bathroom. Another possibly contentious one but spectacular if done right! It can be difficult to achieve with Australia’s strict building codes, but the Italians do it very well. Everything from timber shower bases, timber shower heads, timber vanities and even timber basins. Trust me when I say, this is a trend that is gaining momentum.

Otis timber and chrome Showerhead from Wood Melbourne

5. Rugs. This seems like a no brainer but I have walked into so many living spaces with hard floors and thought ‘there’s something amiss with this space’ only to realise that there are no rugs. I think every coffee table and dining table on hard floors should have a rug under them as a minimum, even if they are in a neutral finish like sisal. Armadillo and Co are a great Australian rug designer/producer with an on trend range.

Image courtesy of Armadillo and Co

There it is folks; my list of key ways to create interiors that feel like they wrap you up in a cuddle. What other ways do you use to bring warmth to your home? Leave a comment below to share your tips.

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