Welcome To Sissoni

Hello and welcome to the world of Sissoni Home and Design. A space where all things interiors, homewares, styling, travel and renovation will be explored without geographical boundaries. It’s a place where high end meets high street and the two mingle indiscriminately.

Come on the journey with me as I live my passion and leave the corporate 9-5 grind behind. I had a lightbulb moment recently when I was asked what my one guilty pleasure is in life… and my answer was lying in bed on a Saturday morning reading house and design magazines! Then I read an article on finding your true purpose and it said to list out all of the things you love to do in your spare time and work out a way to make a living from one of them. So, although I am clearly taking baby steps, Sissoni Home and Design is the beginning of that journey for me and if you share my passion, I’d love to take you along for the ride!

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