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Buyers in today’s real estate market are more savvy than they have ever been, and come to view property armed with more information than they have ever had before. So it’s important to make your own property stand out from the crowd and give it an edge over the competition. Property Styling, also referred to as Home Staging, is one element of the real estate marketing process that can help sellers achieve this.

Property Styling will show a home in its best light to potential buyers by furnishing and decorating it in a way that enhances its architectural features; shifts attention away from any imperfections; and ultimately sparks the imagination of buyers and sets the scene for what it would be like to live there.

Property Stylists work in conjunction with real estate agents to determine who the buyer demographic for the property is likely to be, and plan the best way to present it to appeal to as many of those potential buyers as possible. The Stylist will also evaluate the best furniture placement to enable great photography for the property’s listings. The most successful styling results in fabulous photos and listings that will grab buyer’s attention both online and in print; and this gets the potential buyers through the door.

Once the buyer is through the door, the styling is about having created an inviting home that has good flow. This means the potential buyers can move easily and unimpeded throughout the property.

The ultimate goal of presenting a home in this way is to generate greater interest in it, which results in greater competition; leading to both quicker sales and achieving the most successful sale price possible.

Make your first impression count by speaking to your agent about enlisting the help of a professional Property Stylist / Home Stager to best present your property for sale.

Have a look at our previous projects for an idea of what can be achieved to help you get the biggest capital gain possible.

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