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Selling your home is an expensive process and it can be an emotionally taxing time. So when it is suggested you need to spend another couple of thousand dollars staging your home for photography and sale, many property owners initially baulk at it. After real estate commission, upfront marketing fees, photography, and all the incidentals incurred through getting the property ready for sale, vendors begin analysing which of those costs they can eliminate. The property staging is the easiest one to exclude because it seems like a luxury; but I urge you to think twice before you do.

Buyers in todays’ market are savvy (and with that can be brutal!). They come to your property armed with knowledge as they have easy access to previous sales data for both your property and all others in the suburb; and they’ve watched enough renovation shows to think they can price the value of any improvements (my thoughts on this need a blog post of their own). But regardless of what I think, it’s just the way it is.

So why should you reconsider saying no to property styling when your agent suggests it?

  1. A home presented for sale is completely different to a home set up for the practicalities of daily life. A good property stylist will assess the best features of your house and create a furnishing plan that will complement those features and the style of the home. A stylist considers factors like the best angles for a photographer to capture and also furniture placement to achieve the best flow as potential buyers walk through the property;
  2. As savvy as they might be, buyers lack imagination – if they see a spare bedroom being used for storage, they fail to imagine it could be used as a bedroom. Property Styling removes clutter and personal touches so that buyers are subconsciously encouraged to imagine their own belongings in the home;
  3. A well styled property will evoke a positive emotional response from potential buyers simply because the space feels nice, and that can lead to buyer competition. We don’t use furnishings that might polarise opinions – after all, we don’t want them to be talking about the furniture, we want them to be talking about what the home will be like after they move in!
  4. Opening your home to critical eyes can be a brutal process and the sale of any property can be stressful for many people. Styling your home removes one aspect of that stress and also removes the ability for people to criticise the way you live.

There are financial statistics that show Property Styling can drastically increase sales prices and decrease time on the market; but I’m not going to go into those because there are no guarantees! But I will say that professionally styling your home gives you the best chance of making the best impression on potential buyers, and therefore the best chance of achieving a higher price in a shorter period of time.

before and after styling

Before styling (bottom) and After at the top

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Empty living area before staging (bottom) and after (top pic)

Empty living area before staging (bottom) and after (top pic)

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