3 Easy Style Updates for your home interior

Here at Sissoni Home + Design, we get may clients who see their home after staging for sale and exclaim, ‘now I want to stay here!’ or ‘why didn’t it ever look this good while we lived here?!’. So I wanted to share with you the secrets we interior stylists use to present homes in their best possible light, without spending a lot.

3 Interior stylist secrets

  1. Making an entrance you can do quite literally! Many homes we visit do not have a defined entry; you may walk into a living room or a small blank hallway. Creating a strong first impression can be as simple as filling an entry wall with a mirror or a piece of artwork; a simple console table; or a chair and potted plant outside the front door if space permits.Hallway Entry
  2. Almost every home has that room or area that you aren’t quite sure what to do with. It could be an odd shaped space off the living area that doubles as a hallway; or an open void under a staircase. Decide what will add value – either in terms of the practicalities of daily life, or add value to a prospective buyer. Does your home need an office nook or a sitting/reading area; or perhaps a kids play zone…? Analyse what these needs are and designate a zone and decorate it accordingly.
  3. Lastly, soft furnishings are those decorative items that are relatively inexpensive to buy but make all the difference to the overall feel of a space. They include cushions, rugs, artwork, decorative objects, plants, bed linen etc. You can instantly change both the look and feel of a home by putting a quality rug underneath your coffee table in the lounge room; by adding some coordinated cushions to the sofa; placing a tall plant in an otherwise empty corner; or creating impact through art or a wall decoration.Soft furnishing

By addressing these 3 simple factors in your own home, you can easily and inexpensively transform the way it feels in less than a day. And then next time you entertain friends, you can sit back with a wry smile as they ask if you’ve had an interior stylist in!


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