Are Fiddle Leaf Figs really out?

Have fiddle leaf figs been replaced? Are Artificial Flowers and Plants Really Cool again? We have all the answers if you keep reading….

We all remember the fake flowers that our grandmothers or mothers had in the house when we were younger – the tacky fake silk roses that readily gathered dust and that you would also see in every cemetery. But I think it’s fair to say that the artificial flowers of 2017 have come in leaps and bounds in both quality and appearance. And a big change to the fake flowers of the 80s and 90s is that it’s more indoor plants that have found a big place in home decorating. It’s been hard to turn on your TV in recent years and NOT see a renovating show and for the renovated home NOT to have a Fiddle Leaf Fig plant somewhere in the decorating.

There are some very solid reasons that artificial plants have become a staple for the home stylist and I predict it will stay that way for many years to come:

  1. Greenery adds life and can lift any room – it’s that magical finishing touch that you don’t even realise is needed until it’s there
  2. Manufacturing technology has improved (and will continue to) to make the plants not only look exactly like their real counterparts, but FEEL real as well
  3. Fast pace lives mean no-one has the time for gardening anymore or the skills to keep indoor plants alive!
  4. By using high quality artificial plants, you can choose any style your heart desires, as you aren’t limited to indoor plant species.

It really is hard for me to find a reason why you wouldn’t use them in interior styling. So if you are going to join the revolution, which type of plant should you choose?


Well the Fiddle Leaf Fig is still a winner in my books; although it did suffer from being over-used so has inevitably been replaced by the next trend. The Rubber Plant has been popping up and is a good choice for its unique purple toned foliage; as are Banana Leaf palms with their large scale bright green leaves that really fill a vacant corner.

My prediction for a trendy new plant in home styling however is the humble Staghorn Fern. These are another throw back to the times of bad silk fake roses, but artificial Staghorns today have a striking misty green texture on their leaves and the irregular shape of the leaves means that each one is unique. I will be using them in my property styling jobs, so keep an eye out. To view a variety of high quality artificial indoor plants, go to

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